Christopher Williams: Stand Up Against Walmart’s Attack on Workers

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"For over a year, Walmart workers have asked Walmart Director Christopher Williams to use his leadership role to make Walmart a more responsible employer and better community partner. Yet, Christopher Williams, a key member of Walmart Board of Directors, has remained silent. Mr. Williams is the Chair of Walmart’s Audit Committee, a committee with the specific responsibility to help ensure legal compliance at the company. In this role, Mr. Williams clearly has the authority and responsibility to end Walmart’s illegal retaliation against workers who are speaking out at the company.

In early June, more than 100 Walmart workers like me went out on a legally protected strike – the longest the company had ever seen. We were protesting Walmart’s attempts to silence workers for speaking out for better wages and decent jobs. Apparently we got Walmart’s attention. Walmart has launched a new wave of attacks on workers that cannot be ignored. In recent weeks, Walmart responded by illegally firing or disciplining me and more than 60 of my co-workers who also went on strike.

But we’re not going away that easily. Instead, we’re coming together to ask Walmart directors like Christopher Williams to use their power to urge Walmart to reinstate those of us who have been wrongfully fired and disciplined. We need to send him a strong message before even one more worker like me is punished simply for trying to make a better future for our families and communities." 

– Aaron Lawman, OURWalmart Member

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Walmart Director Christopher Williams: We call on you to end management’s illegal terminations and disciplinary actions against workers who simply want to support their families and be treated with respect.
Your silence is hurting our communities. We call on you to use your position in the company to immediately reinstate all Walmart workers who were fired for simply exercising their rights.
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